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Foreign Objects with Agnes Cameron, Sam Ghantous and Kalli Retzepi, based at NEW INC.
ahole with Adam Horowitz and Agnes Cameron.
Permaculture Networks ( for Schloss Web residency, with Agnes Cameron.
Since 2019 I've worked with Sakiya on publications and curatorial projects, led by Sahar Qawasmi and Nida Sinnokrot, and the team in Ein Qiniya.

February School, 02/2018 & 02/2019 with ACT MIT. Documentation here and here.
Vorephilia with Wastepaper Opera Company, Dr Gareth Bloomfield and 30Bird.
Dark Matter at Science Gallery London, advisor to curator Sandra Ross.
Internet as a City a workshop at the Decentralized Web Summit 2018, with Kalli Retzepi, Sam Ghantous, Agnes Cameron, curated by Sam Hart and Mindy Seu
Pamphlets with Brendan Cleary (since 2015).
To the Moon with Zach Jama, Ringo Ye and Harvard CAM Lab.
Animal Internet by Agnieszka Kurant, with Adam Horowitz, Agnes Cameron, Owen Trueblood and Ishaan Grover.
GASM with Isobel Neviazsky and Esme Armour.